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Wilf Deck  

Counsellor and Life Coach

Coastal Counselling
Here to help.
Here to listen.
Here to support. 
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Trained Counseller
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Multiple Offices
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Lifetime of Experience
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Up to Date Degree
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Trained Life
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Fully Qualified

Life Coaching

Solution Focused Counselling

A lifetime of solutions 
Mountains climbed and valleys explored

Having faced and overcome many struggles personally, Wilfred has gained the knowledge and attitude necessary to push forward successfully in life. From overcoming setbacks such as addiction, loss of family, and divorces, to achieving greatly through representing Australia in triathlons and having a successful

career as a Civil Engineer, even working on the construction of the Sydney Opera House and Taiwans High Speed Bullet Train.

With qualifications and experiences surpassing that of your average counsellor, this truly makes for a unique and insightful counselling experience.

Who benefits most

People most likely to benefit from Wilfred’s expertise are those who need to adjust to changes in their lives. For example, those learning to live with a loss often need to make changes. Wilfred will try to help them to adopt a positive attitude, to decide what is the best thing to do now, to plan for the future, to avoid dwelling on the past which can lead to depression.

Learning to live with a loss can be challenging. Typical losses include loss of a spouse, loss of a loved one,

loss of an addiction, loss of a job, loss of the children, (the empty nest situation), loss of a whole career

(as in retirement).

There is strength in seeking help.

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