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Wilfred Deck

A retired Civil Engineer, Avid international Triathlete, Fitness enthusiast, Father, Husband, Traveller, Accomplisher, Counsellor & Life Coach.


Having recently completed a Bachelor of Counselling/Coaching degree at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, my goal is to provide solution focused counselling and life coaching services.


My unique offering – both the latest scientific knowledge and a lifetime of experience. Being trained as both a Counsellor and a Life Coach enables me to help people through life’s problems (Counselling) and to help people set and achieve life enhancing goals (Life Coaching).

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More about me.

My last contract as a Civil Engineer was building the High Speed Railway in Taiwan.

In my retirement I decided to become a Counsellor, and I am sure the motivation for

this comes directly from the huge benefits I found after the changes I made to my

lifestyle in the late eighties. The hardest was giving up drinking but the benefits are

way beyond anything imagined. As a Counsellor I hope to be able to help others

make beneficial changes to their lives. My experiences of loss and recovery combined

with my recent study of the latest science make for a powerful combination.

Cultural Considerations


During my career as a Civil Engineer I lived and worked in 9 different countries. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, England, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Living and working in a country for several years gives a superior knowledge of the people and their culture and customs compared to just visiting. A consequential benefit is that I am comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds. When

counselling I concentrate on my particular clients as individuals wherever they are from, not ignoring their culture, but not typecasting either.

Coastal Counselling

Offices located in Dee Why and Norah Head

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