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Creative writing assignment for 19 July 2018

By Wilf Deck for the Toukley Library group


I am God. It is 13.8 aeons since I created this universe. An aeon is one billion earth years. The creation process involved an enormous explosion (known as the big bang on planet earth). I was severely damaged in the big bang so that until now I have been unable to participate in the development of the whole universe. Everything that has happened has obeyed my laws of science and has had no input from me whatsoever. Life has evolved more or less randomly on seventy-seven planets. Here on earth homo sapiens have developed a degree of self-consciousness and intelligence but are severely flawed.

Now I am back here temporarily; I have only 6 days available for this planet and its inhabitants and have some difficult choices to make. The first big question is to decide whether it is repairable or should be scrapped. I can create a new one in 6 days. Another alternative is to create an additional race that is similar but superior; incorporating all the human’s assets and eliminating their flaws. Although they may not realise it they are close to doing that themselves via their artificial intelligence and cloning research.

Day one I am going to devote to meditating on these options.

Day two I awoke (did you know that God sleeps too?) with the “feeling” or “intuition” that I owe it to the current inhabitants to at least attempt a repair. Neither option one, demolish and recreate, or option two, create a superior race will proceed. I start immediately on listing essential changes that will be required.

Item one is war. The existence of nuclear weapons has ensured that no world wars have broken out since 1939-45. However multiple smaller wars, some devastating, still occur. I cannot solve this by a single command such as “let there be light”. It necessitates a change in the nature of humans, one that will also eliminate terrorism, rape, murder and domestic violence. I would like to be able to achieve this suddenly but unfortunately it is going to take several generations of gradual movement in the right direction.

Item two is governance. It is within my power to arrange for all evil world leaders and politicians to suddenly drop dead. The problems with this approach are obvious. One, nobody is going to be prepared to take over for fear of suffering a similar fate, and two, there would be an enormous vacuum at the top because nearly all current leaders are going to qualify as evil to a degree. Frankly I am not sure how to proceed. The optimum result is to achieve a situation where all world leaders are leaders because they have the good of society at heart rather than what is best for them and theirs only. I am going to have to think about this but will achieve something here. Improving the value placed on honesty and the satisfaction from doing something for the good of all could be first steps.

Item three is health. The laws of physics have to be maintained. If you smoke you will be likely to get cancer, if you are overindulgent or take drugs you will probably suffer the consequences. It is outside the laws of nature to eliminate death; the body in which your soul resides has to eventually die. However there are ways to prolong healthy life. My contribution to improving health will be by facilitating knowledge, and scientific discoveries and techniques and healing drugs. Each generation will live longer and be more healthy than the preceding one. I will be able to help mankind eventually achieve a situation with virtually no incurable disease. Almost all deaths will be by old age or accident. Accidents cannot be eliminated without also eliminating risk. Humans need to take risks to satisfy many needs, not least progress. (excitement, sport, recreation, overcome fears, competing etc.)

Item four is poverty. This is linked to governance. If they had the political will the wealthy nations could eliminate poverty in the poor countries now. Not by gifts of money but by gifts of people with knowledge. They already know how to do it but are afraid lest they lose power. Too much fear and excessive hunger for power are faults in the human makeup that I can rectify over 3 generations. I shall try to cause those currently in power to risk taking the necessary action to eliminate poverty now. It is possible. My preferred method is to mobilise ordinary people everywhere to organise protests and demand action from their respective governments. Let them know that you are on a mission from God.

Item five is justice and crime. Paradoxically, this is an enormous challenge for me. Standards of justice currently vary widely across the world. The commitment I have made in Item one to change the nature of humans to eliminate war will help. The change will mean that there are less people born with a predilection for crime. I will also be able to eliminate psychopaths (people born without a conscience). The developed world can help by taking drug distribution out of the hand of criminals. The elimination of poverty will help. And the work I am going to do on day 7 will also help. But I fear that the complete elimination of crime and punishment may be impossible. It will be possible for it to be made uniform and just.

Item six concerns relationships between people, in families, in neighbourhoods, in schools, in the workplace, in sport and recreation. Humans have mostly made progress in these areas but I will facilitate more. Cooperation evolved as a rewarding activity many years ago. Recently the study of emotional intelligence has created awareness that having a high IQ is in itself not enough. A high EQ is also desirable and this can be learnt throughout life. It is in my power to improve all aspects of humanity that are born in and I hereby undertake to increase the intelligences (both EQ and IQ) of all people not yet conceived. Bear in mind that what you are born with represents your potential in that area; it is up to you and your parents and teachers to realise it.

Item seven is religion. Now that I am back I intend to convene a conference of the leaders of all the world’s religions and tell them the real story. It will still be impossible for the human mind to comprehend intellectually the concept of God. It appears impossible for anyone or anything to have always existed. There are many Gods, one to each universe, all reporting to God Almighty. Since I am the one and only God in charge of the universe in which planet earth exists it is only necessary for you, meaning everyone on planet earth to live in accordance with my will. Which is for you to do the right thing. Simple as that. I love your music. Sing all together. Sing the same song. This is all there is to this new religion. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Be tolerant. No more wars based on religion.

There are 3 other areas where I can make some improvements to human nature that will have positive consequences. They are love, happiness, and an understanding of the purpose and meaning of life. These are related and humans can already partially control them by adjusting their attitude to life. I will make some minor genetic adjustments in this area that will result in improvements to the quality of everyone’s life. Depression and allied mental illnesses will disappear.

After listing these items I have already used up days one and two. It takes me 4 days to take the necessary actions to implement the above items. The 7th day is a day of rest.

I will return after three generations to check on progress and to see if the chosen option to repair the situation is working.

Yours truly

God of the Universe.

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